Intention is Everything 

Nowadays growing an audience on only one platform is a little like building a house on rocky foundations. Especially with changing algorithms.


I'm passionate about helping brands grow their mailing list, as well as designing intentional communication strategies that educate your audience on who you are and what you offer. Emails that are not only aligned with your brand's visual identity and the hard work you've put into your website design, but are also hand-crafted to provide value, insight and inspiration unique to your audience.

  What I Offer  

Newsletter Design


(starting from £150/m)


Together we'll get clear on your communication and marketing goals, co-creating a 3-6 month newsletter forecast.


I'll then get to work creating a newsletter template for your emails in mailchimp, ensuring that newsletters are both beautiful and functional.


Available with varying levels of copywrite and design support depending on your individual needs.

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Champagne Victoria