Consistency is Key   

When it comes to getting your brand recognised and building an audience, consistency is key.


Visual identity is a vital component of capturing an audience's attention, however it is the ability to retain interest and inspire a reaction that will set your brand apart. Plus with more and more people using social media as a search engine, your instagram needs to be as intentional as your website design. 

I'm all about designing social media strategies that unpack your story with both elegance and efficiency.


Whether you're looking to self-manage or hand your social media over to someone else, a unique feature of my work is custom-crafted formulas. These breakdown the complexity of knowing what to post and when, while ensuring you're aligning with your brand identity. 


Social Media

Noémi Ottilia Szabo

Charlotte Lapalus

  What I Offer  


We'll begin our journey with a 90-minute strategy session to establish your brand's visual identity for social media, as well as setting individual goals and preferred post frequencies for each platform.


Assorted packages with varying frequencies are available for management and content creation.

£300/m (starting from)


A 60-minute session to co-create a unique approach to improve your Instagram identity. Plus an hour of my creative time to create content.


After the session, you'll receive a bespoke formula for your brand that marries visuals with engaging content themes, as well as a detailed and easy-to-follow grid design.


You'll also receive two hours of my design time to create a selection of templates depending on your content needs. These could include...


  • Post templates (quotes, swipethroughs

  • Bespoke highlight covers

  • Branded IGTV / Reels covers

  • Gif Videos

  • Story Templates

£125 (60 mins)

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